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Everything You Need to Know about Interactive Caregiving


There comes a time in everyone’s life where your parent or loved one needs some help, or in-home assistance. Maybe they’re not as active as they use to be, or maybe their mind isn’t quite as sharp. But in some cases, Alzheimer’s or Dementia may have set in and have made daily life more difficult than it once was, and your ability to provide for your loved one is becoming strained.


A caregiver to provide home care for your senior is usually the next best step when this is the case. But what if you’re seeking something more engaging for your loved one? Something that keeps them lively and active, that is specifically tailored to their needs? If this is the case, consider interactive caregiving as an option.


What is it?


In short, interactive caregiving is specifically tailored to allow seniors suffering from physical or mental impairments — like Alzheimer’s and Dementia — to continue living a life of dignity and integrity by keeping them engaged in their lives. At Comfort Keepers, our staff is professionally trained via a Dementia-targeted plan that understands how to handle in-home care for seniors that feel lost, scared or afraid.


Keeping your loved on engaged is the name of the game. Comfort Keepers takes senior care and makes it a daily experience. Our assisted living in home professionals provide activities and companionship based on a meticulously tailored plan for your senior, and what works for them. Each senior’s plans could include:


  • Walks in the neighborhood park


  • Working on or developing hobbies and crafts


  • Going shopping or to church


  • Enjoying the beach


  • Discussing and reminiscing


  • Preparing meals


  • Helping with hygiene, grooming and bathroom functions


  • Helping with household chores


  • Going out! Enjoying the arts, music the local senior center


It’s about living life! Dementia or physical/mental impairments should not mean that the vibrance and energy that life provides should end. On the contrary, Comfort Keepers believes these things can and still should be enjoyed as part of therapy, healing, and life.


Why is it Right for Me?


The Comfort Keepers program focuses on keeping your loved feeling safe and secure, while providing engaging and focused plans for companionship and activity. Studies have shown that keeping an engaged, active mind is key to mental health, and thus able to aid in the effects of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.


Listen to our testimonials, which tell you everything you need to know about what our staff provides, and how our cutting edge care is bringing joy and healing into their loved one’s lives.


  • Steven in Swarthmore, PA said his Comfort Keeper was a “caring experience.” He was genuine in his appreciation for the generosity and compassion shown by his caregiver, and the interest shown for him and his family.


  • Mary in Glenolden, PA sent Comfort Keepers a note detailing the “exceptional experience” and thanking Comfort Keeper for sending Phyllis. In her words, “She is a great worker and Comfort Keeper.  Always send her. I like her as a worker and the company.”


  • Anthony states that his Comfort Keeper has been like a “family experience.” Joanne, his caregiver, has given him companionship and made him feel like he has known her for years.


These are just what a few of the clients have said about Comfort Keepers’ professional staff. At Comfort Keepers, live-in care for your senior is the number one priority. If the thought of keeping your senior safe, secure and living a physically active life, while also keeping an engaging and mentally stimulated mind through various activities is something that appeals to you, than interactive caregiving is right for you and your loved one.



Comfort Keepers services the Chester County, PA, Delaware County, PA and Montgomery County, PA areas. If you’d like more information or to get started on hiring an interactive caregiver, please contact us today, or give us a call at 610-543-6300 to get started today.

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