Fun Ways for Seniors to Stay Active While Receiving Home Care Help

Fun Ways for Seniors to Stay Active Even If Receiving Home Care


We have all heard about the guy down the street who retired and found himself even busier than he was when he was working. It’s a story he loves to share, one at which some marvel, and one that can be true for many people who wish to remain active in their senior years.


Retirement can sometimes be an abrupt shift from a high-pressure existence of board meetings and travel schedules to a loose, open-ended brand of freedom, in which the way you spend your time is entirely up to you. It’s wonderful and yet strangely ambiguous.


Whether you are a new or veteran player in the retirement game, whether you’re living without assistance or have been receiving some form of home care for many years, one thing is certain: staying active for your whole life is important for the health of your body, your mood, and your mind.


Here are some fun ways to keep your head and heart in the game, and add to the enjoyment of these precious years.


Get out!


Get out into the world as often as possible. Being engaged in the community and taking advantage of all kinds of opportunities is essential to living a robust life.


If you require home care assistance, but aren’t sure where to turn, consider Comfort Keepers of Springfield. They can provide you with information about home care aids, and ways that they can help you to participate in all the activities you love.


Need some inspiration? How about tasting new eats from interesting menus at local restaurants? If you are a film enthusiast, a novice critic, or just someone who wants to have something to talk about with the grandkids, plan to see a new movie and then write a review or give someone a call to talk about it.


Enjoy seeing new sites? Pull out the map or fire up the GPS and take a road trip somewhere off the beaten path.


Love it!


There is an endless list of options when it comes to discovering the passion for a new hobby or returning to a former one.


Have you always wished that you had time to take care of a garden that would harvest lush fruits and vegetables? An added pleasure might arise from using those vegetables in new and exciting recipes.


Of course, the possibility of using the food that you grow in your garden, while cooking new recipes that you learn, to host a dinner or lunch for friends, might take it to a new level.


Learn it!


There are so many educational opportunities available to senior students. Community colleges, as well as 4-year universities, depending upon the state, will often offer reduced if not free tuition to seniors. With your status as a college student, you are also often eligible to participate in various campus groups, clubs, and ensembles.


Earn it!


If you are the type of person who has been working for an income your entire life, and the thrill of earning a paycheck keeps you vibrant, think about getting a part-time job. Numerous part-and full-time opportunities exist for seniors who want to make money and continue to participate in the workforce. Opportunities for seniors include, but are not limited to, work in childcare facilities, retail stores, and churches.


Work it!


The benefits of a healthy lifestyle persist throughout the lifespan. Diet and exercise is the key to health, and there are even modified options for exercise activities available to those with limited mobility. Yoga and tai chi are exercises that increase blood flow, decrease blood pressure, and improve balance, all of which are essential to senior care. Consider enrolling in a group fitness program, or take a walk with a friend or caregiver.


For more information about in-home care services provided by our high-quality caregivers at Comfort Keepers, contact us through our website, or call us at (610) 543-6300.

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