In-Home Care Services: How Respite Care Can Help Your Loved Ones

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In-Home Care Services: Respite Care & Your Loved One


Caring for aging or ill loved ones is not just a compassionate calling; the number of people providing care and those needing it rival the output of any national company or industry:

  • Almost five million people receive some form of in-home care services help at home annually.
  • Sixty-five million people provide care for an elderly or ill family member an average of 20 hours per week and their “free” service amounts to $375 billion per year in work value.
  • Almost 16 million caregivers assist someone with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.
  • The days of depending on a family member for care are numbered: older Americans are less likely to have a child or spouse willing or able to care for them due to their own aging, medical needs, divorce rates and geographic relocation.
  • By 2050 the number of people needing any form of long-term care will double from the current 13 million to 27 million.


Even the most tireless and dedicated caregivers need a break to complete personal tasks, attend to professional business or just go solo to a serene space. Here’s how specialized aides benefit both caregivers and their family members:


The caregiver role is emotionally draining: And if you are not mentally sharp you miss small but critical care issues. Stepping aside and accepting help from trained professionals provides time to recharge and refocus.


The role of caregiver is physically demanding: Caregivers’ busy lives often include jobs, children, spouses and their elderly parents. The nonstop schedule leaves little time for nutritious meals, exercise or adequate rest, leading to chronic sleep issues and illness. Caregivers will continue to work through their illness, fearing no one else can or will help, resulting in negative consequences for the elderly or ill parent. A caregiver takes responsibility for their own care with interaction from the professionals working with the family; sharing the stress eases everyone’s concerns and speeds healing.


A caregiver’s good intentions can result in missed medical issues: Less than half of all family caregivers have medical training and more than half admit they perform nursing tasks because they have no choice. Either no one else is available or insurance does not cover the cost of care. Working with a trusted provider capable of delivering services customized for your loved one means no aspect of their health and well-being is ever overlooked.


It’s about time: It’s literally the number of hours in the day are insufficient to do it all day after day. A trained in-home care service provider adds valuable time for you to complete personal and business appointments, enjoy an evening out, a child’s baseball game or school play or a walk around the neighborhood.


It’s about removing barriers: Caregivers feel guilty regardless of their situation. They feel selfish putting their own needs first, yet angry and frustrated when they cannot meet their loved one’s medical and personal needs. Professional caregivers are not a substitute, they are the bridge between home caregiver and client, treating both as respected individuals, listening to their needs and responding without judgment and with assurance that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a show of strength.



Our trained staff provide you time and assurance to leave the home knowing your loved one is safe and secure with a responsible professional who interacts with them, prepares meals and medications and maintains a clean and clutter free home environment. Comfort Keepers’ compassionate in-home care services include a wide range of assistance services: meal planning and preparation, transportation to appointments, shopping, assistance with bathing, grooming and other personal grooming, household chores, and light exercise. Our goal is providing your loved one with a fulfilling life in their own home. Give us a call at (610)-543-6300.

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Comfort Keepers Springfield PA and King of Prussia PA offices provide in-home or in-facility care to anyone over age 18 who is sick, disabled or elderly in communities in Delaware County, PA, Montgomery and the Main Line. Our senior care services and disabled adult assistance include but are not limited to: showering, bathing, assist to bathroom, incontinence, light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, incidental transportation to doctor, grocery shopping, errands and much more!