Who’s Watching Over Dad? Hospital Facility Sitter Care Companion Services

Hospital Facility Sitter Care Companion Services

A hospital sitter care companion service can ensure your loved one is safe in times they truly need a little extra help.

Hospital personnel are, in general, caring, giving people who want the best treatment for their patients and do everything they can to see patients are well-cared for and monitored. But hospitals are busy places with something going on constantly, particularly in the areas where our loved ones are – especially with issues of aging and dementia.

One daughter tells the story of her father, suffering from bouts of depression and dementia due to medications. “He was 82 and had lost about 50 pounds over the last few years. He looked like a defenseless old man in that bed. But when he got confused, he got mean. One day while we thought Dad was sleeping, we went for lunch and a little break. We got called back to the room because they had sent in a big male nurse to ‘make your Dad calm down’ and it scared him so bad he went into a panic. We had to stay by his side every minute and my Mom was exhausted.”

Caregiving Can’t Be Done Solo

While we would like to think that we can stay round the clock, that’s just now always feasible. You can’t be a caregiver on your own. As much as we would like to be there every minute, holding their hand, watching over them and making sure everyone else is, we can’t be.

Other responsibilities pressure us to be elsewhere, but no matter where we are, we wonder if Dad has lost his temper because he’s confused, or wandered off looking for the way out.

We worry that not everyone knows Dad like we do and that someone will get confrontational with him and scare him.

We worry that the doctor will come in while we are away or Dad will ask for us and no one will be there.

Hospital Facility Sitter Services are There For You Both

Fortunately now there are sitter services available that provide constant vigilance over your loved one when you can’t be there to personally do it yourself.

Comfort Keepers employs caring, professional individuals who understand the circumstances that you are facing. CK professionals are familiar with the dynamics of ageism, of the delicate needs of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Your loved one will be watched over for the loving, vital member of your family that he or she is.

Important information about Comfort Keepers Sitter Services:

  • A caring, gentle, professional caretaker knows how to monitor and stay out of the way at the same time.
  • She is available only to your loved one and their needs. He or she will be your eyes and ears when you cannot be there yourself.
  • You will be informed immediately if there is a change or emergency, or even if your loved one just needs to hear your voice on the phone.
  • And CK Sittersoffers two hour minimum visits with no frequency requirements!

Did you ever wish someone could just check in on Mom at the nursing home and make sure she’s doing okay? Or that her hair is combed and she is eating? CK Sitters can do that as well. They can even escort Mom to the dining room, be a companion and nudge her in the direction of nutrition.

To learn more about hospital sitter services please call: 

(610) 543-6300 our Springfield Comfort Keepers office for Riddle Memorial Hospital, Crozer Hospital, Taylor Hospital, Springfield Hospital, Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital

(610) 783-7878 for sitter service in Abington Hospital, Bryn Mawr Hospital, Paoli Hospital, Lankenau Hospital or Einstein Hospital please call our King of Prussia Comfort Keepers office.

Along with hospital sitter services Comfort Keepers can provide: 

Senior helpers available at Quandrangle, Sunrise, Rose Tree Place, Glen Riddle, Plush Mills and other assisted living personal care homes in Delaware County, PA.

Comfort Keepers strives to meet the needs of the individuals who are near and dear to our hearts. For more information on this and our other caring services, please contact on of our courteous professionals at the numbers listed above; at 610-709-6500 or at our website.


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