How to Improve Senior Care by adding Exercise into your Lifestyle!

Exercise is an important part of any person’s lifestyle. Getting up and moving can help a person overcome a variety of medical issues.

For instance, an individual who has diabetes can better control his or her blood sugar through the use of exercise. Another great example is the person who lives with depression. Exercise actually releases certain endorphins which can help a depressed individual get through a particularly rough day or overcome a funk. Other significant benefits of exercise include decreased risks of heart disease and stroke.

Because the benefits of exercise are so great, it is highly recommended that people continue exercising even into their old age. Unfortunately, health problems that reduce a person’s ability to move about freely can make this quite difficult. 

To help the elderly people in our community continue to exercise, we have compiled a list of exercises that are particularly good for the older generation. These forms of exercise are low-impact and do not necessarily require the participant to have great balance. 


Walking is an excellent form of exercise for everyone. It can be done at the participant’s pace and can be done indoors or outdoors. This is perfect for those cold weather days when going outside is out of the question, but is also perfect for beautiful days when getting some fresh air is a fantastic idea.

Individuals who do have trouble with walking or moving around can do this exercise on their own. But, if you struggle walking long distances you should always take a friend or family member with you.  

This is just in case something happens; many things can go wrong. What if you trip and cannot get up?

Swimming and Water Aerobics

Water exercise is perfect for individuals who have arthritis or suffer from other forms of joint pain. This is because water gives the sensation of weightlessness, removing all pressure from one’s joints. It is also a fantastic solution for individual who have trouble keeping their balance, as the water allows them to remain upright.  The reasons mentioned above show why swimming and water aerobics are both recommended to the senior crowd.

There are some senior water-exercise classes in most cities. Finding a class to attend should not be a problem. With that being said, this type of exercise can also be performed in a private pool, though we do recommend that you have a friend join you for motivation and safety. 


I don’t know what I’m doing!!!

Why is Grammarly pick this ish up?

While a good amount of portions of a yoga class will require a good deal of balance, it is still a fantastic choice for seniors due to the lack of physically exerting and quick, twitchy type movements that could have negative effects on not only their joints but also muscles and tendons.

Yoga is a great way to improve joint flexibility, strengthen muscles and also improve your balance. Yoga along with swimming and walking can help you stay healthy and athletic in your later years.

Yoga is popular, and classes can be found quite easily. In fact, there are even several senior-specific yoga classes out there, some of which allow participants to remain in their chairs while carrying out these workouts.

If you are nervous about attending a class, you can always choose to do yoga from the comfort of your own home by following along with a prerecorded lesson.

As you can see, there are many options from which an elderly individual can choose from to stay active in later years. With that being said, no matter which type of exercise you decide to do, you should always speak to a doctor before taking it up, some exercises may not fit your physical capabilities.

Additionally, it is always a great idea for seniors who are exercising to have someone around when exercising. This is where quality in-home caregiver can help.  By providing assistance and being there for you during exercise. This assures safety and they can also provide hygiene help after a good workout. You should also, use resources like the National Council on Aging and the National Institutes of Health.

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