Is Pursuing a Career in In-Home Care the Right Choice for You?

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Becoming a Caregiver; the Right Career Choice for You?


The choice to become a caregiver typically stems from the desire to provide a service to those who need it most. Assisted living in-home care, senior care, and in-home care; it takes compassion and a strong heart to handle the various duties and responsibilities that a caregiver must attend to.


Caregiver careers are always in demand in settings such as hospitals, clients in homes, day-care centers and nursing homes. But is it the right position for you? Perhaps you’re in the middle of a career change or are considering this as your first, real, full-time job. Whichever the case, consider the following questions and assess if you’re ready to take the first step in becoming a caregiver:


Why do You want to Become a Caregiver?

This is probably the primary question you should be asking yourself when looking into caregiver careers. What is it that’s driving you to this field? If your answer is simply “the paycheck,” consider making yourself aware of what caregivers typically make. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, caregivers and home-health aides make a median yearly of $22,170 per year.


But it’s not about the money; it’s about the service being provided. The salary is not usually why being a full-time caregiver is a considered career choice. Depending on where you are employed, the perks of becoming pursuing this field include:

  • Making a difference in someone’s day
  • Sharing smiles and laughter with your client
  • Getting to know a client and becoming a part of their family
  • A stable career with opportunity for growth
  • Great experience and good starting point for advancement in Human Services
  • Active and always moving; plenty of exercises
  • You’re not at a desk all day
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re providing quality in-home care and senior care


If caregiving is right for you, these are just a few of the benefits of the job that should appeal to you.


Are you Ready to Work?

Becoming a caregiver is not the type of job where you have a lot of downtimes. Considering you are working with people who need monitoring and in-home care, there is almost always something to do. Depending on where you decide to work, you should be prepared for:

  • Developing a relationship with someone in need
  • Helping with bathroom function and getting dressed
  • Constant physical activity like cooking, cleaning, shopping and running various errands
  • Money management
  • Conversation, reminiscing and providing companionship/physical aid when appropriate
  • Working independently with a lot of autonomy, or in an office setting
  • A daily and sometimes unpredictable routine
  • Being unselfish and putting someone’s needs ahead of yours
  • Show compassion, empathy, and understanding towards your client/s


Becoming a caregiver provides a lot of stimuli mentally and physically. If this is something that you feel you can do, or even a prospect excites you, then this may be the right job for you.


Are you Qualified?

At most, caregivers typically need a high school education or GED equivalent. College or more is usually not required. However, if you lack experience working with the elderly or youth who require constant monitoring, it may be best to seek some volunteer work to pad your resume, and more so, see if it’s right for you. There are plenty of opportunities to find volunteer work in senior centers, adult day cares, public-schools or non-profits.


These institutions will almost certainly conduct a background check and drug test before you are accepted into volunteer work, so please keep that in mind if you feel something should be addressed.



If after looking through this list you are asking yourself, “where do I find some caregiver jobs near me?” then contact us today for more advice and information for caregiver jobs in your area. If you are serious about becoming a Comfort Keeper caregiver, apply today!

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