Tips on How to Find the Best In-Home Care and Companionship

In-home care tips

Tips on How to Find the Best In-Home Care and Companionship


As noted by the National Institution of Aging, many elderly individuals are looking for alternatives to remain in their homes longer. The need to hire a professional caregiver usually arises because family members lack the ability or knowledge to personally provide care. If you or your loved one is searching for an in-home alternative, personal care provider services is a good place to start your search.


When you search for in-home care, you need to define what personal services must be addressed. The National Institution of Aging provides a comprehensive list of personal care services to consider when defining needs. Below are a few options that a professional caregiver can provide:


  • Personal care such as bathing and house cleaning
  • Meal preparation
  • Transportation to appointments and other activities
  • Health care such as remembering to take medication and coordinating doctor’s appointments.
  • Provide candidates with specialized training to deal with unique medical situations such as Alzheimer or dementia.


After you identify services needed, the next step is to find the ideal caregiver for the individual. During this search for in-home companionship and personal services care, encountering a candidate that meets the 5 ideal caregiver qualities listed below will maximize your search in identifying the best candidate.


5 Ideal Caregiver Qualities:


Patience – quiet, steady, perseverance, even-tempered care.

The ideal caregiver remembers to maintain positive interactions that fosters the ability to press forward despite day-to-day challenges. When presented with a challenging situation, patience is a caregiver’s best friend. Therefore, when searching for a caregiver remember that a patient demeanor helps a caregiver’s mind stay focused on working through the current issue.


Positivity – the state of being positive in thinking a good result will happen, being hopeful or optimistic.


A positive outlook and friendly demeanor builds relationships that celebrate the moments given. A caregiver that brings happiness into your loved one’s life will build a stronger bond and lift the spirit of the individual relying on the caregiver.


Generosity – showing kindness and giving while providing more than the expected.

A caregiver can never show too much kindness. A caregiver understands that this person is relying upon them for their daily living activities. Some of these tasks are highly sensitive. Kindness and a giving nature helps ease the tension that automatically occurs when completing sensitive tasks such as personal care.


Playfulness – a disposition to find or make causes for amusement.


Laughter truly is the best medicine. A daily routine as a caregiver can at times be mundane and repetitive. Finding a caregiver that offers a smile and a playful demeanor helps break up the cycle of routine while aiding in lifting the spirit. One cannot help but to join in laughter when the laughter is heartfelt and shared.


Adaptability – able to change or be changed in order to fit or work better in some situation or for some purpose


Every day and situation is different when providing care. A rigid personality that desires a static work environment is not compatible as a caregiver. The ability to go with the flow, adapt, and change allows a, in home care giver to meet each situation with patience for a smooth transition.


Outside of these factors, technological advances identified by organizations such as AARP can provide ways to help ensure proper care and treatment. These advancements also help the elderly stay longer in their homes which is more desirable. Smart technology, GPS, and smartphone monitoring apps provide viable options for an increasing number of aging adults to remain in their home.


During your search to find the best care for this individual, realize identifying personal care needs, technology options, and finding the best candidate are only a few of the responsibilities you are trying to address. You also want a caregiver that is trustworthy and provides confidence that the individual in need of care is in good hands. A professional caregiver is more likely to offer solid integrity and reliance to provide care beyond expectations. If you’d like more information, please contact us or give us a call at 610-543-6300.

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