Home Care Agency: What are the Benefits of Interactive Caregiving?

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One home care agency is not the same as another. They may have the same services, such as respite care and personal grooming, but there is a big difference – true senior engagement. What do we mean by this? It’s keeping your loved one mentally and physically active. However, when you are a caregiver for your parent, life gets in the way, and you’re not sure you can provide daily activities for him or her.

At Comfort Keepers, we have a unique service called interactive caregiving. Interactive caregiving promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle for seniors. Think about the words that make up interactive caregiving – care, active, giving and interactive. Each one is crucial to providing a much higher quality of life and independence than typical in-home care. This service also benefits caregivers by giving them the opportunity to learn something, exercise more often, and/or get to know their loved one better.

The Building Blocks of Interactive Care

There are four key points to keeping seniors active, which create the foundation of a customized interactive care plan.

  1. Social Engagement – Staying alert and going to social activities can aid in the treatment of depression. Depression can cause memory loss and fatigue as well as weakens the immune system. It’s vital to keep your parent busy by visiting friends or signing up for a class.

  2. Exercise – We know that exercise helps boost the immune system, but it will also reduce daily stress and the number of accidents stemming from balance problems. Additionally, it improves circulation and coordination. Exercise is not limited to aerobics or lifting hand weights; rather, it can be as common as gardening, walking, or participating in physical therapy programs.

  3. Active in the Community – As adults, we take for granted all the wonderful activities in our community, such as high school plays, park cleanups, and community gardens. We only notice them when we become seniors because we have time on our hands. Seniors can be shy about joining community activities. Being consistently engaged in community events makes them easier and more fun.

  4. Daily Tasks – These are different than household chores because some seniors are not able to handle them. These tasks are much less stressful and physical, such as taking care of a pet or getting the mail. They give purpose to your loved one and can be part of an interactive care plan.

Assisted Living in the Home

Taking care of your parent in your home doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you need to hire a home care agency, it should offer an interactive care service. Getting your loved one engaged and active leads to a more enjoyable life. The home care aide will create daily activities, which include:

  • Walks
  • Dancing
  • Games
  • Outings  
  • Crafts
  • Cooking/Baking

Home care is not what it was ten or twenty years ago. The advances in technology and medicine help seniors live longer, fuller lives. The same can be said with home care providers. Advances have led to progress, yet the home care professional must continue to include daily activities – interactive care. Being active can slow aging, increase alertness and strengthen muscles. Our Comfort Keepers keep up to date on the best practices in providing interaction while having a great time. But don’t take our word for it. We invite you to call or email us to learn how our award-winning home care services can make a difference, not only in your parent’s life but yours too. We look forward to helping you!

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